Q. What is felt?

Felt is a non-woven fabric composed of loose fibers that are matted together to create a strong continuous material. It is lightweight, durable and easy to care for. Going back to ancient times, felt was the first fabric produced by man. It has amazing qualities of being waterproof, it repels dirt and it doesn’t shrink making it easy to work with and practical as a material to be used for handbags. Felt is a renewable resource, sustainable and is truly natural material.


Q. How to care for felt?

Our felt handbags are easy to care for. To clean the stain, simply brush it or rub it with a damp cloth and allow the bag to dry in the air. Do not use dryer.


Q. How to care for my TTWINN bag if it gets wet?

Please do not leave rain or snow drops on the leather, wipe it with soft dry cloth and leave the bag to dry in an open air. Do not use dryer.


Q: What type of leather is used to create TTWINN bags?

TTWINN handbags are made of soft grain top quality Italian leather that is pleasant to touch and easy to care for.


Q. Where and how are the TTWINN handbags made?

TTWINN handbags are designed in London and made in a beautiful modern capital city of Romania.  Production of every TTWINN handbag starts with selecting the best pieces and hand cutting the natural wool felt and top quality Italian leather. All the leather pieces are accurately hand dyed and dried to make sure dye is completely absorbed by the leather. Professional handcrafters who have worked on globally renowed brands use their skills to build every TTWINN handbag with the highest quality.