Our Brand Philosophy

Exceptional craftsmanship, high quality materials and innovative designs build the identity of TTWINN handbags



TTWINN handbags feature a concept of interchangeable flaps giving modern women flexibility in choosing their style by mixing and matching the flaps across the entire TTWINN collection. Every flap is standardized in size and is attached to a bag by zipper making it effortless to change the flaps. By offering various types and styles of flaps we aim to give our customers freedom to express themselves and create their perfect style.

Focus on quality


TTWINN handbags are designed in London and are made from genuine Italian leather and 100% merino wool felt in Europe. In our designs we use only finest Italian hardware and zippers that create luxury finish and make our bags effortlessly chic. Our handbags are affordable, desirable and timeless and are built to last for many years.



Each TTWINN handbag is meticulously handcrafted by a team of skilled artisans who are dedicated to create each piece with the highest quality. Craftsmen producing TTWINN bags have been working in a leather industry for 20+ years that have made them truly professional in what they do.